Thrive Life Event

Hello everyone!! This is the first post about my business Thrive Life. Actual business name has not been chosen yet.
    We sell all supplies for emergency preparedness. All sorts of foods!! Some foods are quite the luxury. . . Imagine being in your bunker with all of your small children during an earthquake and feeding them yogurt bites?? Really? In a major natural disaster making sweet n sour chicken? Wonderful ideas? It’s true! You can! I especially love the idea of making our own baby food. With a Nutri-Bullet, you can grind any combo of fruits, veggies and meats if your baby is old enough. Grind into a fine powder, add water to the desired consistency n viola! Feed that hungry baby!! For the hubby…. sleeping bags, tents, a generator, some emergency type tools. That is honestly what I absolutely love the most about this company, it’s for everyone. It’s for everyday, not just emergencies.
Our Thrive Life Event:
Date: June 27th
Time: 2:00-4:00
Place: North Sevier Community Center.
We are serving food and need a count.
Very limited seating
Contact: Janet Gates
Phone: (208)419-1766


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